Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need is offered by IceDrives.

What is IceDrives

IceDrives is a complete cloud storage solution. It's easy to use, secure and robust. IceDrives keeps a copy of your files safely online. So, if they are lost or damaged you can retrieve them quickly and easily. Only one place to put the files you use most regularly, and access them absolutely anywhere. Files are duplicated online and you can view or edit them from any web browser. If you install IceDrives on more than one computer, all of the files are the same on every PC, and changes you make on one machine are replicated across all of your other computers.

How much does IceDrives cost?

IceDrives provides different packages. Pricing depends on the storage space you need. It starts at $0.99/Month with 25 GB storage limit. You can get 15% discount if you choose an annual pre-payment. Check the latest prices in your currency

Do I need to take a contract?

Of course not. There is no contact, no setup fees, no hidden fees.

Where can I get a IceDrives account?

Just sign up at It takes few minutes to get a fully featured account - There is no commitment!

Why do I need IceDrives?

Over 60% of users have lost irreplaceable data from their computer. The files you store on your computer - photos, music, videos, emails and documents - are increasingly precious, but they're so easy to lose. Hard drive failure, fire, theft or even just accidental user error can wipe out highly important content in seconds.

Before IceDrives, you could only back up your data to CDs, DVDs, external drives or even backup tape, but all of this takes effort, you need to remember to do it, and they're about as susceptible to failure, loss and damage as the PC itself.

IceDrives gets rid of this problem completely by providing a simple, secure and robust online backup solution. Just install it, select which folders you want to backup and forget about it. There's no need to schedule your backups or leave your PC on overnight - it backs up your files as you work. It's completely hassle free.

IceDrives takes this one step further by setting your files free and letting you access them wherever you are. See the same files on every computer you use - you can use them just like any other file on your computer, but if you change them, they will automatically change on all of your other PCs. View and even edit your documents online from any web browser anywhere. Even access your files on your go from your mobile.

What makes IceDrives special?

There are many things about IceDrives that make it stand out from other backup solutions. Here are just a few of them:

  • Extremely easy to set up - our simple step-by-step setup wizard helps you choose which files you want to backup. It literally takes a minute, and once you're done, you don't need to worry about it ever again.
  • Backs up your files as you work - you don't need to worry about leaving your computer on overnight, or your backup suddenly starting up at a set time when you're trying to do something else. You certainly don't need to remember to do anything. IceDrives just silently backs up your files as you work, so as soon as you change a file it's instantly protected.
  • Stored off-site for complete safety - unlike backing up to an external drive, CD or DVD, IceDrives copies your files to our secure servers in our carrier-grade data centres. This means that if the worst should happen- fire or theft - your data is still securely backed up in a completely different location to your PC.
  • Completely unlimited storage space - you can back up as much as you want with IceDrives. You don't need to worry about your CD, DVD or backup tape being full - it will just keep backing up no matter how much you have on your PC.
  • Restore previous versions of files - sometimes a file is not lost or damaged, it's just been changed in a way you don't want. Maybe someone made alterations to a file and you need to restore it to a previous version. With IceDrives you can - it stores the last 30 versions of any file, and you can download the older editions with one click.
  • View your backup files online from anywhere - your backups are not compressed into some obscure format or hidden in a dusty filing cabinet - they're live online. Simply log in to your secure web portal and view them from anywhere. You can even play your music, view your Office documents, watch your movies and display your photos right from within your web browser!

How secure is IceDrives?

IceDrives is very secure. Our data centres use military-grade technology to keep your files encrypted and safe. We support SSL transfers between your PC and our servers too, so there's no risk of people intercepting your data while it is uploaded or downloaded.

All of the data that you put on IceDrives is backed up redundantly across multiple locations, so it is fully protected against hardware failure or other damage.

Where are my files stored?

Your files are usually stored both on your own computer and in IceDrives servers. By storing your files in both places, you can be sure that you have access to your files and can use them as normal even when you're not online.

IceDrives has built its own data centres, so that we have complete flexibility to make them as secure, responsive and efficient as possible. They use cutting edge, military grade technology to make sure that your data is both safe and highly accessible.

Do I need to restart my computer after installing IceDrives?

There is no need to restart your computer after IceDrives has been installed.

Do you ever limit bandwidth or transfer speeds?

No - there are not any limits on how much bandwidth you can use each month. Nor are there limits on the speed of your transfers beyond the natural limits of technology - our data centres have super fast connections. Unlike some other providers we don't punish you for making use of our service by throttling your bandwidth just because you store a lot.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my account?

When you log in to your account you will see an announcement on your Home tab. You can upgrade or downgrade your package whenever you want in just few clicks. It's a self serve platform but if you need assistance, you can contact us by email at

Which operating systems does IceDrives support?

The IceDrives desktop software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and all Mac OS versions.

The IceDrives web portal can be used by all of the major web browsers, including Internet Explorer 7 or later, Firefox 2 or later and Safari 3 or later. Some features on the web portal require recent versions of Java or Flash.

The IceDrives mobile portal can be used by most mobile web browsers, including Opera. There is dedicated support for iPhone, Android and Blackberry users, and a free app for iPhone, iPad and Android is available from the iTunes App Store or Android Market. For more information, see our Mobile FAQs.

Can the Desktop Software run from a FAT32 drive?

Drives can be configured in many different formats. Most modern drives are configured in a format called NTFS, but some drives use a much older format called FAT32. Although the IceDrives Desktop Software can be configured to store its cache on a FAT32 drive, it is recommended that you use an NTFS-formatted drive instead if possible. This is because the IceDrives Desktop Software stores information about your files in a folder on your chosen cache drive, and FAT32 is limited to 15,000 files per folder.

When installing IceDrives on your PC, the Desktop Software will try to select an NTFS drive to use by default. If you try to select a FAT32 drive instead, the installer will warn you.

Note that this will not affect the folders that you choose to backup with IceDrives. If you want to backup files on a drive that's formatted in FAT32 then you will experience no problems at all, as long as your IceDrives cache is on an NTFS drive.

What are the minimum system requirements for IceDrives?

1 GHz Intel or equivalent CPU
512 MB of RAM
Windows XP/Vista/7/Server 2003 or Later
Broadband Internet Connection
Internet Explorer 7 or higher/Firefox 2.0 or higher/Google Chrome/Safari
The latest versions of Java and Flash.

How can I keep up with news at IceDrives?

You can keep up with the latest news at IceDrives by visiting our Facebook page or our Twitter account. You can also view our service status page to keep track of any planned maintenance.

How do I download and install the Backup software?

To download the IceDrives Desktop software simply login to your web portal, click on the Account Settings tab and select Software Download. This page will show you how to download and install the latest version - it's very easy and literally takes minutes.

How do I choose which files to backup?

When you first install the IceDrives Desktop software the welcome wizard will guide you through selecting the folders you want to backup. Once IceDrives is installed and running, you can add any folder to the backup list just by right clicking on it and selecting Backup with IceDrives.

On Mac, select the folders in Finder, and then select "Selected Files" > "Backup this folder" from the IceDrives menu next to your clock at the top right of your screen. IceDrives will then upload the contents of that folder in the background. In future IceDrives will monitor the folder and any files you add or change will be uploaded instantly in the background as you work.

Advanced users can easily manage all of the folders you want to backup by opening the IceDrives Settings screen in your Windows Control Panel, clicking on the Services tab and selecting "Select folders and files to backup". From here you can manually add and remove folders to your backup.

When does IceDrives run?

IceDrives doesn't run to a schedule - it just works in the background and constantly backs up your files as you work. Therefore you don't need to keep your PC on overnight or worry about whether the backup ran at a certain time - your files are protected all of the time.

How do I schedule a backup?

IceDrives does not currently have a scheduled backup option - it constantly protects your files as you work. If you change a file or add a file to the folders that you are protecting, IceDrives will instantly upload it without interrupting you.

Where can I see the files I've backed up?

The files that you've backed up are all available from your secure web portal. Login with your IceDrives account, and click on the Backup tab - you'll be able to browse your files just like you can in Windows. You can download files or folders from here with one click, but you can also do so much more - you can watch your movies, view your Office documents, play your music and display your photos right from within your web browser!

What happens if I delete a file from my PC?

If you delete a file on your PC then it is moved to the Recycle Bin in your web portal (even if it isn't in your Recycle Bin in Windows). It stays here for at least 30 days, so you can restore it quickly and easily. To access your Recycle Bin, login to your web portal, click on the Backup tab and see the Recycle Bin in the left hand navigation.

Can I edit or delete files online in IceDrives?

Yes - you can make any changes to files from the web portal. IceDrives is designed to keep an exact copy of what you have on your computer online and you can edit it online. Nevertheless to get the ability to edit, move, delete or rename files online, you need to upgrade your package. You can contact us to learn more or upgrade directly into the platform.

How can I restore multiple files?

Whether you want to restore your files on a new computer or are recovering from an unfortunate incident, IceDrives lets you select any file or folder and then restore it straight to your PC, either in its original location or any location you choose. It only takes a few minutes!

Can I get access to previous versions of files?

Yes - IceDrives keeps up to the last 30 versions of any file. Login to your web portal, click on the Backup tab and navigate to the file. Double click on the file to view it's properties - you'll see a list of historical versions here and can download whichever one you want.

Can I upload files to IceDrives online?

Yes - you can upload new files to IceDrives online. Nevertheless, if you want the ability to upload files from anywhere and have them appear on your PC, you need to upgrade your package. You can contact us to learn more or upgrade directly into the platform.

Can I use IceDrives on multiple computers?

Sure - IceDrives can be installed on as multiple computers at no extra cost. All of your files will be synced automatically between every computer where IceDrives is installed.

What if I don't want files stored on my hard drive, but want them only online?

If you don't want files to be cached on your local drive, you can simply right click on them and select "Do not keep on this computer" - that will free up space on your computer, but will mean those files can't be accessed when you computer is offline. You can also change your IceDrives settings so that you don't automatically download any files that you've added to IceDrives from another computer. To do this, go to your IceDrives Control Panel, select Online Files, and click "Do not keep files on my computer".

How can I play music from my web browser?

All your MP3 files will be automatically added to the IceDrives Music Browser. You can search by artist, album or song title and even create a playlist! Once you have found the MP3s you want to play, simply select Play All from the toolbar in your web portal and the music player will appear with your tracks listed.

Can anyone else see files on my IceDrives cloud?

IceDrives uses military grade, AES-256 security to encrypt all communications between a user's computer and our servers. Data stored on your IceDrives is backed up on to multiple storage servers at our data centres ensuring your data is fully protected. Our network is protected by enterprise-grade firewalls ensuring that once your data is on our servers only the people you want to access your data can.

How can I let others see my files?

You can share files via the web simply by navigating to the file or folder you wish to share on your web-portal and selecting share. You will have the option of sharing publically (so that anyone can access your file via a web URL) or privately with a specific individual. When sharing privately you specify the e-mail address of the person you wish to share with and they will receive a private link in their e-mail to download your file.

You can also share files using the IceDrives Desktop Software. Simply open your IceDrives by opening My Computer and double clicking on your IceDrives, right click on the file or folder you wish to share and select share from the menu.

Can I stop sharing a file?

Sure - To stop sharing a file or folder, right click on it and select the sharing option from the IceDrives menu. From the window that appears you can opt to turn off sharing. At that point, anyone that you've previously shared with will not be able to access the file - although they may have downloaded it to their computer already and have their own copy.

Can I use IceDrives on my Mac?

Yes - the IceDrives Desktop software is available for Mac, and works on all Macs using OS X Snow Leopard or later (10.6+).

What are the IceDrives mobile apps?

The IceDrives mobile apps are a great way to access your files from your iPhone, iPad or Android. They are free to download from the Apple iTunes App Store or the Android Market. The apps let you browse your files on the move, wherever you are, and view your documents, play your music or watch your videos - all streamed over 3G or Wi-Fi.

How do I get the IceDrives mobile apps?

To get the IceDrives mobile apps, just search for "IceDrives" in the iTunes App Store or Android Market. The apps are free - all you need to use it is your IceDrives account. Once the app has downloaded just open it and it will ask you for your email address and password to get started.

What features are available in the mobile apps?

The IceDrives mobile apps are packed with useful features. The top features include:

Browse your backups and files that others have shared with you.

View Office, iWorks, RTF or PDF documents anywhere

View photos and create slideshows

Stream all of your music, and browse it by Album, Artist, Genre or Year - even if the music isn't in iTunes!

Stream your videos - whatever format they're in. There's no need to convert them to an iTunes or Android compatible format first.

Upload photos and videos straight from your device to your IceDrives account.

How do I control the speed / quality of video streaming?

You can have complete control over the balance between speed and quality of video playback. For example, if you find that videos are pausing or buffering for too long then you might want to reduce playback quality. To do this, just go to Settings and select Video Bandwidth. There are different settings for both Wi-Fi and 3G, so that you can set preferences for these independently.

What file formats does the app support?

The app supports a wide range of document, photo, video and music formats - which are growing all of the time. Currently the most common formats accepted on the iPhone are:

Documents: DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, PDF, RTF, TXT, HTML, Pages, Keynote, Numbers.



Music: MP3, M4A.

On your Android device the file formats you can view will depend on the apps you have installed - but there are free viewers available for most file types on the Android Market.

What support do you provide if I need help?

IceDrives provides 24 hour e-mail support - just e-mail your question to our support team and they'll get back to you within 24 hours. Our support e-mail address is

You can also find lots of useful information on this page.

I think there is a problem with my IceDrives, what is the first thing I should do?

The IceDrives Control Panel has a built in repair tool that detects, and then fixes any problems that may occur. To run the repair tool launch the IceDrives Control Panel from the shortcut on your desktop. Select the Advanced tab and then the Maintenance tab. Now click Run.

The repair tool usually takes around 15 minutes to complete and the machine must be left idle whilst it completes the tool completes the repair.

If your issues persist please send an email to with detailed information about your issue.