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Cloud Storage Simplified Instant and automatic backup solution of your digital life.

IceDrives is a cloud storage platform that lets you easily store and access your personal files anywhere - on your computers, on your mobile devices, on the web or on the go.

With IceDrives, you instantly store and protect all your photos, music and documents from your devices to the cloud. It's simple, fast, secure and affordable. You don't need any technical knowledge to use IceDrives. It's user-friendly and anyone can do it easily in few clicks.

Our secure backup protects your precious files by keeping an encrypted copy in one place. Wherever you are, whatever device you use, all your files will ever follow you.

IceDrives lets you share any file with whom you want with efficiency and security in mind.

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IceDrives is an hassle free solution that gives you the peace of mind you are looking for.

Private & Secure

IceDrives takes the privacy and security of your personal information and data very seriously. Our features are designed with your privacy in mind. Your files are encrypted and stored safely on our servers. No one except you have access to your data. Even if your device goes down, your files are always safe in the cloud and can be restored in few clicks. Security is our prime concern.

Share With Everyone

Get easy access to all your content and share it with your friends or colleagues. There is only one place for all the things you share. Send an email with a link to only what you share and everything else in your IceDrive stays private.

Easy Storage Access

24/7/365 flexible access to the cloud across all networks from PC's to mobile devices. Allow some users have instant access to data of your choice from any device. You will never be without your files again. You are at just few clicks away to store or access all your personal files.

Setup is Simple

Getting started with IceDrives is simple. Whether you have a phone, tablet, Mac, or PC, all it takes is a few quick steps to get started.

One place for all the things you share

Students and professionals connect and share through IceDrives today.
Send an email with a link to only what you share and everything else in your IceDrive stays private.

How It Works Bring your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily.

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IceDrives is a cloud service who safely encrypts and stores all your computers files into the cloud (our private servers).

They are constantly backed up and you can access them anywhere, at anytime from any device. All of your files together at last. It's the easiest way to store your files and make them available on every device

Select the files
you want to upload

Back up your files
to the cloud

Access your files
from anywhere, at anytime

24 Hours Per Day
7 Days A Week
365 Days in a Year

Our Features

Everything you need is offered by IceDrives. Here are some features highlights:

Cloud Storage

Encrypted and secured backup files

Share anything

Sync multiple devices

Access files from anywhere

No commitment

Free mobile app

Restore deleted files

24/7 support

100% automated backups

Multiple device backup

Real time backup

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